Monday, April 17, 2006

Brian Email 6-30-05

Dear Family,

Yep, transfers happened. I still don't know if I'm all that excited
about it or not. Elder Marks and I found so many awesome people last
transfer, I just want to stay to see them progress... but there are
always just as many people here that need finding. My companion is a
greenie, so I'm a little nervous about how to help him while learning
the area. He's halfway through his training, so he knows a little bit
about the area already. Oh, I'm in Winston-Salem now. All last week I
convinced myself that I would be going to Statesville, but I didn't. I
still haven't been anywhere here, I unpacked and came straight to the
library. It seems to be a lot smaller than Charlotte, but it looks like
we'll have plenty to do. The whole city is our area, plus all the
little towns. The branch here usually averages an attendance of 60ish
people, with a minimum of 40 and a max of 97 one week. So it's smaller
than either of the branches in Charlotte, but not by a whole ton. When
I find out more about Winston I'll let y'all know. I'll be here at
least 4 1/2 months, President Noel says I'll be training here when I'm
done training Elder Mitchell. It's wierd being with a missionary newer
than me, especially after sending my first two companions home.

As for the work... uh, Pineville is doing really well. I don't know
what else to say about here, supposedly we might have a baptism this
weekend? We'll see. Charlotte will be having like 4 here soon.

To help Andy find that dictionary, a member in Charlotte told me that
there is a company called "Mosaico" that specializes in foreign books,
particularly Spanish. It might be "Mosai Co." but I think it's the
first way. Worth a look on Google.

I will write my address here:

2014 Bromley Park Ct.
Winston-Salem, NC 27103

If y'all feel like sending anything, I would be pretty happy. I haven't
gotten a package since January, I'm excited.

I'm really out of things to say for now. I love you all, I'm glad
you're all having a great summer so far. I'm glad Andy's been riding
his bike a lot. It's good excercise, although, I'm really happy to be
in a full car area again. Biking every other week was really killing
me. But, I hope y'all have a great week, say hi to Shannon and Andrew
and Julie and Scott for me. Chao.

Love, Elder Harris


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