Saturday, February 11, 2006

Brian Email 5-5-05

Hehe, looks like you got all the good news this week. :) Yep, I got
the call from President Noel that I will be staying here for the
duration, like two weeks ago, but I kept forgetting to write that part.
It really doesn't seem very odd to me, so I forgot last week.
But yeah, I also got to spend some time in the ER last Friday.
Everything is more or less good with that. I cracked two teeth, which I
never found, and bruised my wrist up pretty bad. It's still swollen and
pretty dark. I also bruised my chest, I can't see any difference in
color, but I can definitely feel it. I got my teeth fixed up on Monday,
and they look pretty much as good as new, but they said I'm probably
going to have to get a root canal on at least one of them. We'll have
to see about that.
As for my clothing situation, we don't really wear our suits at all
except for interviews and meetings, and the short sleeved shirts are
fine. It's really humid here and pretty warm, so even during the winter
we didn't wear our suits that much. I will have to buy a couple of
suits though, my one is going pretty quick, it's way thin. I think I'm
going to have to buy some new pants too, because the pair I wore on bike
is shredded, and another one got bit up by a dog. And in my bike
adventure, I destroyed my only belt too, and a good tie. I have to
order a new name tag too because it's almost unreadable with all the
scratches. It's a good souvenir though.
Congratulations everyone with the dance festival! Samba is one of my
favorite ones to do. What kind of music did you dance to? I for sure
want to see the DVD when I come home. Sounds like it was a busy day
that day. 6:30 to 9:30 sounds a lot like my day. And good work Michael
with Mars Rover. I'm glad you got to lead your team to victory. Which
year felt better to win, this year as a mentor or last year as a member?
And Andy, I'm not at all worried about your AP test scores. You for
sure got 5's on everything. Keep up the good work!
And for Mother's Day, I'll be calling y'all at 3 your time. I'll have
about an hour and a half. Yep.
I'm not going to say a whole lot more right now, I'll talk to y'all on
Sunday. Peace out.
Elder Harris


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