Saturday, February 11, 2006

Update on Brian (bike crash)

*note* we learned most of this from his call home on mother's day

He said he was riding along behind his companion on his bike on a busy
street, and the next thing he remembers is when they were putting a neck
brace on him and strapping him on a stretcher and into the ambulance.
As far as I know he still has none of his very short-term memory from
right around the crash. His helmet lost a big chunk in the front, so he
rang his bell pretty good and the helmet probably saved his life or at
least his brain functions. He reiterated to the boys that they should
wear a helmet! Apparently he was walking around a little after he
crashed, before the ambulance got there, and told his companion he
thought he must have fallen, but he doesn't remember and of that. He
said it was frustrating because they kept asking him questions that he
couldn't answer. He knew his name, his comp's name, and that he was a
missionary, but nothing else. He said they asked what month it was and
he 'guessed wrong'.

He broke off two teeth to various extents and had those rebuilt, 4 more
were loose but he just had to be careful until they firmed up again. I
hope it doesn't mess up his orthodontics too much. He said one of the
rebuilt teeth was starting to change color so he may need a root canal
in that one. Too bad.

His mission medical card hadn't caught up with him because he was
supposed to only be there temporarily, so we may have some insurance
work to do still. And I guess they use a mission debit card for their
expenses (food, etc.), and he has never had one in that mission, so he
and his companion have had to live off the companion's share, so 1/2 the
amount they give for a companionship. I think he may be using some of
his own money for some things...



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