Saturday, February 11, 2006

Brian Email 6-16-05

Querida Failia, (*we assume he meant familia*)

Wow, I didn't know Andy was the EFYing type, that's awesome though. I
hope he's having a good time. Is he in Jason's group, or how did that
work out? Haha, I knew you'd cave and get the Y pass! How long are
they valid? When I come back I'm sure I'll be playing a lot with Andy
and Michael. Andy will be leaving for his mission pretty quick when I
get back, and Michael will have the physical abilities to pose a real
threat to my love of winning. It will be about a month of hanging out
in Boise before school starts, I'd love to get some excercise.

It is really easy to buy food instead of cooking. I eat out way too
much. We've made a companionship goal to not eat out so much, and I am
trying to cut back on my ice cream intake. I always have some in the
freezer and I had been eating some every night, but it wasn't really
helping me much. Three or four times a week is more than enough too,
but I don't want to go cold turkey. I prefer taking baby steps. Really
tasty baby steps.

I also made a goal to write in my journal more. I hadn't been very
diligent in that, but I really see the importance of it the more I write
in it. I usually write at least a couple of pages, you know how I like
to write a lot. It's kinda hard to find time for it, but I can usually
squeeze in ten minutes at night.

We've been starting to drop a lot of our investigators. I don't know if
I said that last time, but we're not wasting any more time with the
excuse makers. The "professional investigators" are no longer our
problem. They know everything they need to do, and they are now
responsible for their own decisions, they shouldn't need a 19 year old

Oh, dad, you'll be happy to hear this, I FINALLY played disc golf!! We
went this morning with the Sister missionaries and Alfredo Gutierrez.
He's one of our branch missionaries who loves to hang out and do stuff
with us. He bought us Chinese food afterward too. I've never eaten so
much Chinese food in my life, but Hispanics love the stuff. We go to
the cheap buffets almost every week. Alfredo loves Chinese so much, he
always takes us out every time we see him, other than Sundays. I really
like Chinese, we never had much at home, so I grew to like it here.
It's pretty Americanized I'm sure... but it's good anyway.

Well, the work is going well, we tract a lot still, and we're always
running into crazy people and drunks. I'm sure it's the same in every
mission. Lots of weirdos everywhere. But we just go and do. Our zone
leaders gave us a good spiritual thought based on Alma 60:23 "Be up and
doing" in relation to developing Christlike attributes. That's chapter
6 in "Promulgate My Gospel" (D&C 118:4) Anyway, I'm out of time here,
we got a lot to do today. Have a great week, love you all lots. Be

Love, Brian D. Harris


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