Saturday, February 11, 2006

Brian Email 5-19-05

Subject: 6 Months last Tuesday!

Hi family,
How are y'all? I'm doing all right. I just dropped Elder Gordon off in
Statesville and picked up my new companion, Elder Marks. He seems
really cool. I got to work with him once before when we had exchanges
in Greensboro, but I didn't get to know him too well. I have heard all
good things about him, and he seems like the obedient type. Right now
he's talking to a baptist here in our apartment office. He's been out
for about a year and just finished training a Puerto Rican. I'm still
in my same area, I'll probably get booted next time though. :(

I'm glad everything went well with the wedding and that y'all got to see
so many relatives. I hope they are all well. I'm glad Shannon and
Andrew got so many presents too, I would have given them one if I had
one to give. Did they get to see the puppet man?

Everything here is good, I get to be senior companion again, that makes
me a lot more stressful, but things are good. I just have to think a
lot harder. I'm not sure yet who between us is the designated driver...
I should call someone on that. In other news, I have been out more than
6 months now. That seems way crazy, I feel like I'm just getting
started. Elder Marks says he feels the same way. I guess that feeling
never passes completely because there is always something new to do.
I'm going to try to use Spanish more, that's something I didn't do very
well with Elder Gordon and especially not with Elder Frost. I can say
pretty much everything I want to now, but sometimes I don't understand
people, especially people from South America.

Well, that's all for today. I hope you're all well and having an
awesome spring. Go play some frisbee golf soon, the weather should be
just about right by this weekend. I might be playing soon, Elder Marks
loves disc golf too. Well, see ya.

Love, Brian


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