Saturday, February 11, 2006

Brian Email 5-12-05

Hey Family,

Today is sooo busy. We spent all morning trying to get our apartment
spotless. We are so fed up with all the filth, and we were told that a
general authority is coming to visit the mission and will be touring a
few apartments also, so we wanted to get ready for that too. We are
about halfway done, we dont have any sponges or rags (all the old ones
from under the sink are moldy) and so we have to do our shopping first
and then finish. We have been so busy all day. We also threw out a lot
of old fruit from the crisper in the fridge. No one has bought fruit
here for at least six months, so I don't know how long it had been in
there. It was pretty gross.

I started reading Doctrine and Covenants last week, I made it up to
Section 41 this morning, I like it a lot. I hadn't marked hardly
anything when I read it last, so this time everything still seems pretty
new to me. It's really good, the Lord puts things so plainly, there's
really no way to misinterpret anything. When he calls people to
repentance, he really calls. A lot of what I've read so far reminds me
of Elder Oaks' talk "The Challenge to Become". It's a good talk, I
don't remember when it's from though. Also Elder Robbins' talk from
this last conference keeps coming to mind as I read. And of course, I'm
still working on the Book of Mormon in Spanish. I'm up to the part
about Samuel the Lamanite now.

It's really humid here. It's not terribly hot yet, but it feels that
way. Sometimes I can see the steam coming off the road. It's kinda
cool. We ate a lot again yesterday. We had our district meeting which
is always followed by lunch out with the Hermanas and sometimes other
office missionaries. Then Galo Vera decided to feed us, and then Doris
fed us right after. We told her we already ate a ton, and she said,
"That's why you only have to eat a little" She gave us a ton. Bleh...
It was a struggle. If I wasn't so full, it would have been really good.
She made us chicken and rice (just like everyone else always gives us),
but her rice was cooked with raisins and spices. A lot of Hispanics
don't use any spices, so it would have been a good meal, but I had a
hard time getting it down. 3 meals in as many hours is never easy.
We're not eating today, I'm not even hungry.

I'm really behind on writing people back. I have gotten about 6 letters
in the last month and a half, and I haven't written to anyone since
then. I got a letter from Julie Egbert in March that I haven't
responded to yet. I don't know if I'll be able to get anything written
today either, we're always more busy on P-Day than on any other day, I
don't know why it always happens like that. Next Thursday will be busy
too, we have to go to Statesville for transfers, then I come back here
(99% sure). I get to meet Elder Gordon's dad next week too.

I found an alarm clock this morning that Elder Frost left. So now I
don't have to go buy one. How lucky!

Well, that's all about me. Felicidades Shannon and Andrew! Good luck
with the reception and everything. Have fun in Seattle! And everyone
else, good luck with standing in line at the reception :) Don't eat too
many eclaires or anything. I gotta go now, have a great week!

Love, Elder Harris


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