Sunday, May 01, 2005

Brian Email 4-21-05

Hey Dad and Family,
Sounds like everything is still going pretty well over there. It always
amazes me how busy the boys are, especially Michael. I don't know that
I've seen anyone enter more brainy competitions than him, except maybe
Austin. I'm glad Michael is so dedicated to everything. He has a lot
of guts!

I got a letter from Shannon and Andrew recently, I wrote back this
morning, and hopefully they will get that in a few days. And yah, Elder
Gordon did get the letter from Danizza. And the Elder Frost I know is
Shane Frost, if you could tell Amy that would be cool.

Is Andy in that dance festival? How is he doing? What dances are they
doing? What are the costumes like? I bet it's pretty stressful for the
leaders, trying to keep everyone's attention and everything, how is that
working out?

As of right now, I'm not exactly sure when I will be calling home. If
May 8 is Mother's Day, then that will be the day, but I don't know what
time, probably after my church and meetings, which would be... around 5
or 6 pm for y'all (possibly later). My church starts at 11 our time,
and we are usually busy in the mornings. For now, I'll say that it will
be in the evening, but I can't say how late. I'll figure it out for
next week.

Everything is going well here, we went tracting yesterday, our mission
has a new goal for every companionship to do 10 hours a week, which is
tons more than we had been doing. We usually have so many appointments
that we can't fit everyone in every week, but we're doing it anyway. We
are trying to find lots of new people anyway, because a lot of our
investigators aren't keeping commitments and we can't make them progress
anymore right now. Those two Peruvian families I told y'all about
keeping cancelling appointments or just aren't there when we go. It's
sad, but we don't know what else we can do for them besides call them
once in a while. At least the kid is going to scouts.

But yah, I'm fully healthy now, running in the morning helps a lot, and
it helps me feel less like I'm getting fat. I've got a lot of chub
around the middle now. Still haven't played disc golf yet. Oh, and
speaking of golf, there is a club in our area that is hosting one of the
PGA Masters Tournaments. A lot of people are excited about that, and a
lot of big names are going to be here, and the city is closing a few

Everything is fine here, I'm hoping that everybody is happy at home.
You're all awesome, keep it up. Talk to y'all later.

Love, Elder Harris


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