Sunday, May 01, 2005

Brian Email 4-7-05

Subject: Buenos dias

Hi everyone.
What did y'all think of conference? I thought it was incredible. We
had 0 investigators there, their loss. They all totally said they'd be
there and everything. :(

So, transfers are today. I didn't go anywhere, and neither did Elder
Gordon, so we're still here and Elder Frost is in the process of
leaving. He's got all his bags packed and his mom and sister are coming
to get him at 2 today.

We've all been a little sick lately. Elder Frost caught the flu pretty
hard and it's been going around, but we're trying to take preventative
measures. The Alka-Seltzer Cold & Flu stuff works pretty well, and I've
gone through about 20 cough drops this week. Every time I eat one, I
think of dad sucking on them in church. The pollen here is awful, dad
would probably die here. Yesterday morning we walked outside and
everything was yellow. Our car (white) was completely yellow and we let
off a big cloud of pollen upon starting the car and running the
windshield wipers. It's pretty bad. I hear the cottonwood is pretty
bad here in a couple of weeks too.

As for good news, our baptism happened last Saturday, and she'll be
confirmed this Sunday in sacrament meeting. After the baptism, the plug
in the font got stuck, so her brother changed into a white jumpsuit, and
jumped in to pull it out. We would have baptized him right there but we
haven't taught him anything yet. :)

Well, that's all I've got for now, I'm excited to go take a nap and some
ibuprofin. Have a good week.


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