Thursday, March 10, 2005

Brian Email 3-10-05

All right, first off, I have a weather report. So, Tuesday around noon,
Elder Gordon and I were walking to an appointment, and we were noticing
how awesome and absolutely perfect the weather was. It was about 75
degrees with a slight breeze and a bright sun. Earlier that morning we
had a tornado in Charlotte. It went right by the apartment of some of
our investigators, which is pretty close to mine. We were inside
studying at the time, and we didn't even know about it until that night.
We don't know a lot of things that happen outside... There was no real
damage anywhere that I've seen, and I still have never seen a tornado :(
I was so close too. I think that means that March came in like a lion,
but on the other hand, the weather is perfect almost all the time.
We'll see. The South is funky.

Tell Andy good luck at his BPA competition. I remember when I competed,
it was the coolest thing ever. I had a blast with it, and I talked to
tons of people from other schools and it was really fun. Are they
having a big party at BSU again this year? They usually do, and also
they like to go out for pizza with the BPA advisor. I think they
probably changed the staff though. BPA is awesome because it's exactly
like the stuff I did at BYU. I'm glad he's getting involved with it,
there's no cooler club at Centennial than BPA!

That's amazing that Andrew's going to go for his PhD. I didn't really
talk to him all that much before I left, I didn't realize he would be
able to skip his Masters! He sounds like he'll provide really well for
Shannon, I'm so excited for them!

This week was really odd. Elder Frost left early Tuesday morning so
that he could go on exchanges with the Elders in Greensboro. He's the
only Zone Leader that speaks Spanish, so he leaves a lot. He got back
late last night, and during those two days, all but one of our
appointments fell through, and we didn't have enough back-up plans to
cover all that time. We tried to stay busy, and we worked hard, but we
didn't really have a lot of success. It was sooo hard, and we ended up
teaching 3 lessons over the two days, then we did some unsuccesful
tracting and phone calls. I don't know why nothing worked out right, it
was very stressful and a little discouraging. We'll see how today goes,
our plans for Thursdays are usually pretty solid, but you never know.

Well, I don't have any more time today. Have a great day/week! Good
luck with everything. Tell Michael hi for me!

Love, Elder Brian Harris


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