Sunday, September 24, 2006

Inspirational Words for a Future Missionary

Every missionary says when he comes home that those were the best two
years of his life, I can only say that the last 10 months have been
incredible, and the best 10 months of my life so far. I have met so
many people that are so cool. Everyone has a different story, and there
is so much that I have learned from them. It's not always fun 24/7, but
it's always worth it, and it's always exciting to meet people that care
enough about God to change their lives. Everyone is a convert, even
ourselves. I have changed a ton because I am learning how to care that
much more about God. It's really great to see my companions trying to
do the same thing. I love being able to bear my testimony so often too,
I never really did much of that at home, but I've grown a lot from it
here. I feel more deeply that the things I tell people are true, and I
love it. I'm excited to not be the only extended family member on a
mission, the more we have, the closer all our families will be. Best of
luck to you!


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