Saturday, February 19, 2005

Brian Letter 2-17-05

Subject: 2-17-05

Well, this is attempt #2, the computer ate my last email, and it was pretty long. I talked about how there are no straight roads at all in Charlotte, and how I ate a raw fish, shrimp, and lime juice soup with an Ecuadorian, and how I ate "frijoles charros" with cow stomach with a Mexican family. Our investigators are roughly the same, no one progresses very fast here, but at least they're progressing. We have one more girl with a baptismal commitment now, but the others are still waiting for marriages and legal stuff related to that. Everything takes a long time to get done. I really don't have much time now, but I hope to hear from y'all soon. I got your letter in the mail right after I emailed last week. Dad, am I sending this to the right address? Are you at .com or .net? Oh, and the rules for my email, anyone can write me, but I can only write family, so feel free to give my address out to a few people if they ask or whatever. I can reply to relatives through you, since you're forwarding this anyway. That will make things easier for some. I would love to read about what Gma and Gpa Harris are doing in NY, and all the other cousins that are out. Is Jeff home yet? Well, I have to go, have a good day!

Love, Elder Harris


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