Saturday, February 19, 2005

Brian Letter 2-10-05

Subject: A new email & a letter

Hi family. I've had a good week. We keep getting fed a lot. On Saturday, we had 4 meals given to us, and the same happened on Monday and Tuesday as well. I feel really fat all the time. We are in a car, so we don't get a whole lot of excercise, so I really am getting a little fat. I put on another 10 pounds since I got to Charlotte. I can't help it though, we can't leave the members' houses until we finish our plate. It hurts sometimes, but we keep eating.

Yah, so my new email is Should be pretty easy to remember, its the same as my gmail address. (Andy, can you keep checking that once in a while so my account doesn't die?)

We still have 14 progressing investigators, some are progressing faster than others. We have 3 people with baptismal dates, and we're hoping for maybe one or two more by the end of the week or early in next week. The Hispanic people here are always pretty open about hearing the gospel. The English speaking elders always complain because they can go tracting all day and not teach a single lesson. I've already taught over 50 lessons here, and I am always hearing Spanish. I can understand a lot of what people say to me, but it takes me a while to process it. I have to concentrate really hard, and my head hurts every night when we come back, but I love it. There's nothing like hearing Spanish and knowing what it means. I was thinking today, there would be no way to learn Spanish this fast without the help of the Holy Ghost. It would just be so much harder. 3 months isn't enough to even get a good start anywhere but in the MTC. I think it's funny that the Army and several universities are trying to make deals with the church trying to copy the program. They don't understand that the program is only our secondary resource. I told my first joke in Spanish last night, that was exciting too.

I haven't heard anything on my visa yet, but I hear that Venezuela and Colombia are inching toward war. At their futbol game yesterday, there were police surrounding the stadium in full riot gear, armor and gas masks and everything. I hope nothing happens until after I get there. If a war starts before I get there, I'll probably never get to go, but if I'm already there, I doubt they'll send me back. :) I'm not really all that eager to leave Charlotte though, I like it here.

It sounds like everything is still going all right at home, I'm excited for Shannon especially! Do they have a date picked out yet? What temple will they be going to? Make sure I get some pictures and an invitation. I would like a picture of Amy and Aaron too, if they have them yet.

It's so nice to be able to email y'all. It's so much easier than writing by hand. I had to write my friends by hand this morning. I think I'll be emailing around 11am most Thursdays, maybe later sometimes, but if you want to have something ready for me, probably you will want to send it Wednesday night. That's all for today, hope to hear from y'all soon.

Love, Elder Harris


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