Saturday, February 19, 2005

Brian Letter (Email!) 1-27-05

Subject: I'm in Charlotte

Hi dad, it's Elder Harris here. I finally got a chance to write, my
p-day is Thursday now. I'm in Charlotte and everything is going fine.
I still have no idea how long my visa will take, so I'll just work
here while I'm here. My trainers are Elder Frost and Elder Gordon,
they're good teachers, but we don't speak Spanish much outside of
appointments. I'm having some struggles understanding everything, but
I can catch about 80% of every conversation.

This mission gets email, but I think I'm getting a new address through
myldsmail, that's what everyone else has. I don't have the password
yet, i'll have to ask the president. Here's my address if you want to
send anything:

Elder Harris
1327 Beacon Ridge Rd. #1418
Charlotte, NC 28210

That's all for now, I'll send some more later. Love you all,
Brian Harris


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